With over 50 years of combined experience, our dedicated team of professionals know how to minimize the potential for loss.

TRANSURIT was founded by a group of industry experts across the globe. With extensive insight into risk management, fraud prevention, guarantee services and transport logistics, the first original suit of services was designed and built.

After years of successful operation, the need for additional tailored services was apparent and lead to the creation of an additional suit of services.

What has now become TRANSURIT, is the combination of all services under a single platform, employing decades of industry tailored services, ranging from charge-back protection, to guarantee solutions.

With a desire to always be at the forefront of innovation, TRANSURIT will continue to explore future technology and implement changes to give customers the best overall experience.


To provide reliable, reasonably priced, tailored services that allow our customers the peace of mind when conducting business in a forever changing environment.

We accept the risk, so you don't have to.


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